15 Tasty Autumnal Soup Recipes

 15 Tasty Autumnal Soup Recipes

When Autumns started, the weather was dry cold and foggy and peoples feel lazy in winter
they avoid to go outside from homes, on that time they want some chill type of recipes which
they enjoy with their families. On that time when they imagine the warm soup bowl in their
hands and instantly they finding the soup recipes on internet.
So here are some soup recipes which you may love
1). Chinese Chicken and corn soup:

One of the famous soup dish which make very quickly and it also very easy to make, this is a
Chinese soup and this not only full of Chinese flavors but also full of corns which is very healthy,
and maybe your family love it.

2). Red Lentil Soup-Turkish Style:

It is a famous soup dish of Italy It is the delicious one. The Lentil dishes is necessary for Italians
in every feast or party and the lentil soup is very special for Italians and you doesn’t need to
make it with too much planning it is easy to make and red lentil not take too much time to
cook, green lentil take.

3). Drunken Mushroom Soup:

This soup takes time to cook not too much, It is very tasty and creamy to eat and you can also
enjoy it with rice and some crunchiest. This soup takes time to cook not too much, it make
without any kind of flavor. It is well known in U.S.A.

4). Yankee Pot Roast Soup:

This soup is very tasty and very healthy, the soup is full of roast meet and root vegetables and it
makes with a different and yummy kind of sauces. It is well known in England. You can enjoy it
with your kids and family as well.

5). Chicken Noodles Soup:

This soup is with vegetables, chickens and noodle mostly the children’s love to eat noodles so
this is perfect for them they love to eat chicken noodle soup and it make with a lot of tasty
flavors. So, enjoy it with your children’s.

6). Vegetable Soup:

The delicious and the healthy bowl of soup mostly all of the vegetable soups are delicious to eat
because they not only have the taste of veggies but also have a taste of chicken and the flavors.
It good for these peoples who do diet. It is very healthy for health, you may enjoy it with your
7). African Peanut soup:

Another one of the healthy and delicious soup, it is made with peanut butter and with peanuts.
It is a cold soup. It not only famous on the country of Africa but also in most of the another
countries such as Argentina, Bolivia, Peru etc, in these countries sometimes it is served with
Bone meat, Hollow short pasta or fries.

8). Potato Bacon Cheddar Soup:

The very delicious and yummy soup which is full of cheese and it is loaded with bacons
And full of potatoes and see it is too creamy the flours of this soup is amazing you kids and
family definitely love this creamy cheesy and loaded with bacons soup, may you try it at least
one time in your life.

9). Bouillabaisse Soup:

This is one of the famous soup dish which is very delicious in taste and it is famous in France. Istrone soup
is made with fishes, sea robin and European conger and it is cook with different kind of
flovours. People in France and other citizens or countries love to eat it.

10). Hamburger Soup:

This soup is cook very delicious it is making on your own choice because the veggies whatever
you want you add in it like potatoes, corns, carrots even the mushrooms and it is also made
with different kinds of flavor. Your family love to try it.

11). Minestrone Soup:

It is one of the favorite soups of Italians it is made with fresh seasonal vegetables, pasta and
rice. It can casually cooked there is no recipe set for Minestrone It is famous in Italy and the
peoples of Italy love this soup because it makes easily and it is very delicious in taste.

12). Harira Soup:

It is a Moroccan’s famous make from a variety of ingredients. It is one of the famous soups
among the world. It is mostly served in Ramadan and it is too yummy in taste, you must try.

13). Creamy Macaroni Chicken Soup (Sopas):

It is famous in Philippines and it is load with delicious cheesy and creamy pasta and it is made
with vegetables and milk and a lot of flavors and may your kids love to eat it.

14). Italian Egg Drop Soup:

It is good in taste but it is quite healthy the egg drop soup is Chinese soup recipe but it is more
famous in Italy.

15). Spicy Bacon and Shrimp Soup:

Shrimp soup is invented in the Chinese diet it is very delicious in taste it is also full of vegetables
cream and crabs and the flavor of this soup is also attract you, you enjoy it a lot.
Hope you guys like these recipes and must try at least one in your home it is great idea to sit
and enjoy with you family with the warm bowl of soups

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