Can Green Tea actually help you Burn Fat and Lose Weight

 Can Green Tea actually help you Burn Fat and Lose Weight

Everyone wants to look proper it’s everyone right but when we talk about the fatty peoples so
they do many things to look proper their they also do many efforts such as go to gym, long
walking and diet for losing their weight __ today our topic is” can green tea actually help you
burn fat and lose weight” we are discussing that green tea is good or bad what’s the effects and
benefits of green tea so, let’s get start.

1). Drink Green tea in morning:

According to science the best time of drink green tea is in morning or before work out if you really bayous with your goal of losing weight then it really important that you drink it in the best and right time studies suggest that swipe a cup of tea with green tea its good because green tea somehow burnt your fat but when we talk about tea so it definitely make you fatty.

According to science point of view when we drink green tea on daily bases so it is good for your medical health but when we drink green tea before the session of your work out so it is more good for your health and it more react on your body and more burn your fat because in green tea have caffeine and L- theanine type of chemicals. Caffeine help to control blood pressure and L-theanine is used to make different flavors of green tea.

2). who never drink green tea:

If someone have kidney, liver, bad heart conditions, stomach ulcer, glaucoma, osteoporosis type of problems never drink green tea and the pregnant and the bread feasting women’s also avoid it and the children’s who the under the age of 2 it also get cause of them so it better for them to avoid it.

3). Side Effects of green tea:

Green tea also cause many problems if you drink green tea in a large amount like 5 or 6 cups per day so it make many causes you feel headache may you Feel laziness(Sleeping problem) you feel Vomiting you feel Dizziness cause bone problems, Anemia and iron Deficiency(Weakness) you may know Green tea, tea, coffee burn your blood.

4). How green tea effect on the skins:


Drink green tea regularly is really good for your medical health it is also decrease the risk of many  diseases such as diabetes, liver cancer and other cancers problems and the main it is also decrease the risk of heart diseases.

Drink green tea is not only good for your health but also it good for your skin. It helps you to save your skin to the skin cancers and if you put the bags of green tea in your dark circles so it also good and remove your dark circles.

It help you to look younger and rubbing green tea bags on your face is also good to reduce skin problems such as skin irritating, skin redness and skin swelling.

5). Does green tea work to lose fat?

No doubt, Green tea is full healthy healthiness, drink green tea is really good for health and it is also help you to losing your weight

The best green tea for losing weight is Lipton pure and Light loose green tea leaves:

1). Lipton pure                                                 2). Light loose green tea leaves.

If you drink green tea for one weak so may you lose 3 Ibs or 1.3 kg. If you drink green tea for losinng weight so you should drink atlest 2 or 3 cups of green tea per day and also research found that drinkers of green tea is better than whose don’t drink green tea.

And if you drink green tea with out any reason and you are found of green tea than enjoy it with a warm cup.

6). How’s the green tea in taste?

The green tea is sweet, bitter sweet, nutty, vegetal, buttery, floral, swampy, fruity and oceanic. Mostly green tea is bitter in taste if you want to make it good and tasty so add lemons or lemon juice in green tea and herbs and spices as well make your green tea good in taste.

Green tea have many flavors so it depend on the flavors which you like most there are a lot flavors of green tea such as Honey lemon green tea, Jasmine green tea, Mint green tea, Ginger green tea, Tulsi green tea, Chamomile green tea, Jasmine green tea is best in taste you must like it and the second one is Tulsi green tea.

The best flavors to lose weight are jasmine, mint and honey. The match green tea is good for health and it also good for these who found of drink green tea.

The color of green tea can never changed it must be green, yellow or light brown.

7). How green tea burn fat and lose weight?

We already know that Green tea is full of healthiness because it make with a healthy plants and no of healthy ingredients such as caffeine (a bitter ingredient), B Vitamins, Vitamin C and Vitamin E, Alkalinity, Fluorine. Green tea first makes in China the peoples of china drink a lot of green tea.

Yes! The Green tea is really burn your fat but the requirement is drink at least 4 or 5 cups of green tea everyday if you never do it then you don’t burn your fat and the another requirement is to drink green tea at a right time morning to evening if you take it in night so may be it doesn’t and it also make difficulties to fall asleep work and drink it in empty tummy is also bad  and it cause many bad effects.


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